[ Flash Player requis ] Lu Rusciu 1 (traditional)
Enzo: lead vocals, classical guitar, ocean drum.
Roberto: bouzouki, mandolin, vocals.
Another Salentine lullaby adapted by MUSICàNTICA.
Salentine dialect:
A sira me passai te le patule e 'ntisi le ranocchiule cantare.
Comu cantanu belle a una una, pariane lu rusciu te lu mare.
Lu rusciu te lu mare è mutu forte, la fijia te lu rre se nn'ae 'lla morte.
English text:
At dusk I walked by the pond and I heard the frogs sing.
How lovely were they singing one by one, they sounded like the surf crushing on the shore.
The surf crushing on the shore is so loud that the king's daughter goes to die.