[ Flash Player requis ] Sugnu Vinutu (traditional)
Roberto: lead vocals, clippity clop (click), marranzanu basso (bass jaw's harp).
Enzo: marranzani (jaw's harps), tamburieddhru (frame drum), sonagliera di mulo (mule jingle collar), karkabas (Moroccan qraqeb).
Sicilian work song sung by Roberto in a style reminiscent of the cantu alla carrittera (cart driver song) and accompanied by Enzo on the marranzanu . In our version the texture progressively thickens as the song develops and, as always, we enjoy our little jaw's harp improvisation towards the end.
Sicilian dialect:
Sugnu vinutu di luntana via, ca sugnu stancu di lu me caminu.
Vinni a cantari 'nta stu beddu chianu, 'pp'affaciari a ttia curaddu finu.
E non ti cririri ca sugnu quacchi stranu, sugnu chiddu di prima ca vinni a cantari 'ppi ttia.
Calami sti trizzi, calami sti trizzi e famm'acchianari ca sti labbruzza fini vogghiu vasari.
E sta canzuna è lesta 'ppi finiri, e iù ci a lassu tutta a me cumpari 'Nzinu ca sa porta 'a casa.
English text:
I have just come from a long trip, and I am tired of walking.
I have come to sing in this place so that my loved one, fine coral, would open up her window.
Do not dare to think that I am just a stranger, since I have already come here to love you.
Lower your braids down and let me climb up to you, I want to kiss your lips.
The song is about over and I am going to leave it to my buddy 'Nzinu to take it home.